So you want to go on your travels, but you don’t have a passport? Maybe it’s expired and you forgot to renew it, or you have never found a use for one in the past.

Whatever the reason is, now you want to be able to go somewhere, but you don’t want to wait for your new passport to come to you.

If you are a U.S. citizen who wants to travel without a passport, then hopefully, this article will be able to answer that all-important burning question you’ve been going over in your head – “where can you travel without a passport?”

Wondered if you’ll be able to pop over to the US Virgin Islands or the Northern Mariana Islands for a vacation? Maybe you have dreamed about what it would be like to go to the white sand beaches of Puerto Rico and swim with the sea turtles.

Dream no more as you’ll be able to make it all a reality.

Where Are You Able to Travel Without a Passport?

Obviously, there are places you can and cannot travel without a passport, so you need to know the difference between the ones that do not need a passport to understand why you are okay to visit their stunning beaches and sandy shores.

U.S. Territories

You are able to travel without a passport to these territories as they are not states or countries, they are just classed as land that the United States owns. These are all located in the Pacific ocean.

For example, Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa (a collection of volcanic islands), the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, the US Virgin Islands (the Virgin Islands National Park is a great vacation destination), and the Federated States of Micronesia, are just a handful that the U.S. owns.

Closed Loop Cruise

This is a cruise where it begins and ends at the same port in the U.S. You will be able to visit quite a few Caribbean countries whilst going on these cruises.

A passport-free getaway that can take you further than you’ve been before.

Choose Where You Want To Go

Pick a Caribbean island you want to go to with its gorgeous beaches on one of the closed-loop cruises and you won’t be disappointed.

You can go from The Bahamas to Jamaica, then the British Virgin Islands, traveling to the Cayman Islands, as well as the Dominican Republic.

Domestic Destinations

Obviously, you are able to visit any of the states in America if you are American. You may not end up on a tropical island with pink-sand beaches, but the natural beauty of these states shines through.

Where Can You Travel Without a Passport – Destinations

Now that you know how these destinations are able to be visited without a passport, here are some down below that may interest you so you can pick out which one you would like to take a trip to next.

Tropical paradise here you come.

Costa Rica

You can visit Costa Rice via a closed-loop cruise. This beautiful Central American country has Caribbean and Pacific coastlines as well as volcanoes and jungles, perfect for the nature explorer in you.

Whether you fancy zip lining or going horseback riding, you will find a lot of adventure in Costa Rica.

What Identification Will You Need To Bring?

You will need to bring with you your birth certificate and driver’s license so you can get on board the cruise ship, as they will need to verify who you are.

Turks and Caicos

Another destination that can be visited on closed-loop cruises. You can visit Grand Turk Island to see the most beautiful waterfall which is underwater.

Or you may wish to go snorkeling at Smith’s Reef if you would like to pump up the adrenaline. It has a 14-mile barrier reef which would be perfect for vacation explorers out there.

What Identification Will You Need To Bring?

As with Costa Rica, you will need to take your birth certificate and driver’s license as proof.

St. Croix, US Virgin Islands

This is one of the US territories with white sand beaches and beautiful landscapes. You can visit bioluminescent bay (they have two) which is one of the most stunning and captivating natural sites you will see.

You may also want to check out Salt River Bay where you can go kayaking at nighttime. It is one of those tropical islands that you do not want to leave once you are there.

What Identification Will You Need To Bring?

Because you don’t need a passport card, you just need to show them any government-issued ID you have that has a photo of you.


This US territory has pristine beaches and is an amazing tropical paradise to visit for some time away. It is perfect for people who love to be surrounded by nature.

It can also be a wonderful place to shop, so there is something for everyone. Whether they are nature lovers or shopaholics.

What Identification Will You Need To Bring?

Once again, you are able to use any government-issued ID to go here.

Big Island, Hawaii

This island is classed as the youngest island in Hawaii and is a beautiful place to go if you would like to experience Hawaii in all its glory.

From active volcanoes to different types of landscapes, Hawaii is not an adventure that should be missed out on.

If volcanoes aren’t your thing, you can stroll on their green sand beach or their black sand beach, depending on which color draws you in the most. Adventurer or relaxer, your days will be filled up.

What Identification Will You Need To Bring?

A valid photo ID is all you will need to bring to enter Big Island, Hawaii.


If a snow-topped mountainous landscape is on your bucket list, then Alaska will certainly be in your wheelhouse.

A state with all of this beauty is closer than you think, and the fact that you can go to it without a passport may make it even more inviting to you.

You can go alone or take some family and friends with you, it doesn’t matter as you’ll definitely be having a wonderful time there with ancient glacial formations and a view of the Aurora Borealis captivating you along the way.

What Identification Will You Need To Bring?

As with Hawaii, a valid photo ID will get you to enter Alaska.

New York, Niagra Falls

If you are a fan of hiking as well as boat rides, then Niagra Falls awaits your adventurous side.

Not only is it a beautiful location to spend some time, but it surely is a photographer’s dream to see this incredibly famous place.

If summer is the time of year you are having your visit, then you will be pleased to know that there are quite a few festivals going on so you will certainly never be bored.

What Identification Will You Need To Bring?

A valid photo ID is all you will need to view this phenomenal place.


Now that you know some of the places you can go without a passport, hopefully, you have your next vacation booked and ready to take it all in.

Who knows, maybe you’ll get a chance to visit all of these places so you can really enjoy your time without a passport.