Elvellon is the Sindarin word for « Elf-friend », which is what I like to consider myself. I have been writing a lot since I can remember and I always wanted to pursue it as a way of life. I have traveled a lot since I can remember and my story demonstrates that the main condition you have to meet is to really be willing and look for opportunities. 

Contrary to popular belief and common excuses, you do not need an inheritance from a rich aunt or an aging sponsor. What you need is determination, imagination, a tendency to make brave decisions and… the luck to stumble on the right stone. 

A little more about what I do

I’ve already been a full time PA in one corporation (3 years) and strategic project support in another (almost 6 years) and I have to admit that leaving the corporation was one of the happiest decisions I’ve made in my life. 

I am a sociologist and political scientist (by education), florist (certified), journalist (by education and passion). My articles were published in Traveler National Geographic magazines and in the most prominent travel websites. 

I was also a dancer in Italian TV, a selector in a Warsaw club, a saleswoman in an Indian shop and a waitress in an Arabic restaurant in London. I was for a while an English teacher in a Chinese language school and in a Chinese kindergarten. I was a speaker at travel festivals, tour guide in South-East Asia and copywriter. I volunteer for organizations supporting animals and people who are unable to fight for their fate on their own.